Being a farmer is hard work even though one has had technology to help out over the past century, but still, you exert much more physical energy on the field than say, an air conditioned office where you’re decked out in your suit and tie. Well, here is one more automated process that might help farmers grow that paunch larger – the Prospero robot that will plant seeds on your behalf. Boasting five legs, this machine is capable of doing all it requires to grow a plant. A Parallax Propeller chip which has been mounted on a Schmart Board will let the Prospero work autonomously, navigating in any direction and avoid obstacles. A sensor located right underneath its body will be able to know where seeds have been deployed, and if it thinks that a particular spot underneath it needs some seeds, it will dig a hole, plant the seed and spray the ground in white to indicate success. If you’re a farmer, have the Prospero do the hard work for you while you enjoy some Harvest Moon on your Nintendo DSi.

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