Seagate has begun to ship their Barracuda XT drive which intends to offer a solution in overcoming the existing 2.1 TB barrier without sacrificing on user friendliness, hoping to go one up on its competitors in the process. Drive manufacturers don’t have it easy at the moement, since the complexity of the new (UEFI) Unified Extensible Firmware Interface specifications translates to it being adopted on a small scale due to the widespread “availability”, or should we say, presence of bugs, not to mention the need for additional testing and support. Apart from that, legacy PC BIOS designs and device drivers and older operating systems such as Windows XP cannot go beyond the 2.1TB level. The Barracuda XT drive comes in to act as a bridge solution, and could see legacy systems access the full 3TB thanks to its Seagate DiscWizard software. Interested in getting the Barracuda XT 3TB for your next gaming rig? It is going to retail for $279.99 then.

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