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With Facebook starting to dominate every aspect of the internet, it comes as no surprise when they implement new features to make life for their users much easier. If you use Facebook enough, chances are you’re part of a group that you actively participate in to discuss issues or your favorite topics. If you came across something interesting on the internet and you wanted to share it with your friends, you would have to copy the link, enter the group on Facebook, and paste the link in there.

Well Facebook has implemented a new Send button to make sharing content with your groups easier. If you see a send button on a post/article (not many sites have implemented it as of today, but expect it to roll out to many more sites in the future), just click it and a dialogue box will pop up, allowing you to enter the name of your group in the recipients box. This will then share the post with the news feed of the group, allowing everyone to comment, discuss it. In case you want to share it as a message to your friends instead of making it a wall post (for privacy issues), the new Send button will also allow you to do that. Just input your friend’s names in the recipients box.

Facebook has also introduced new Group membership controls into the Groups system. Now the creators of the groups have the ability to approve members before they get to formally join – so that means people can’t get access to your group even if they’ve been invited by someone else – you have the ability to deny them access.

It’ll be awhile before we start seeing the new Send button on your favorite blogs and websites, but like the Like button, it should catch on in a big way.

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