Back when Snapchat was at the height of its popularity, Meta-owned Instagram announced a feature similar to Snapchat Stories and it became a hit. Then when TikTok started to gain traction, Instagram announced a similar feature called Reels, and given that Meta owns both Facebook and Instagram, it shouldn’t be surprising that Reels will be coming to Facebook as well.

For those who are unfamiliar, Reels is essentially the same in concept as TikTok’s videos, where users can film short videos of themselves dancing to songs, adding fun and unique effects, as well as remixing other Reels to create pseudo collaborations. It used to be a feature only available on Instagram, but soon Facebook users can see it as well.

According to Facebook, “You can share public reels to Stories on Facebook, making it easy to share favorite reels with friends and giving creators more visibility and reach. You’ll also be able to create reels from existing public stories.” Facebook also notes that Reels will be available in the Watch tab, and also at the top of your feed, similar to Facebook’s Stories.

Facebook will also recommend Reels inside of your feed itself, so users will be able to discover more content. Given how Instagram’s Stories eventually found its way onto Facebook, we can’t say this news really comes as a surprise.

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