For those who are frequent travelers and yet do not have the luxury of flying Business Class all the time, chances are you keep your sanity in check during a long haul flight by walking up and down the aisle frequently, not to mention go through the collection of movies that are there for your perusal – since sleeping is not an option as you’re sandwiched in between two really large passengers that make it impossible to get some rest. If reading and watching movies are not your thing, then heaven have mercy on you. Surely you can’t wait for Contour Aerospace and Factorydesign to make real their Not For Wimps prototype that was specially designed for in-flight gaming, boasting integrated speakers into the top edges of the seat to exude a bubble of active noise cancellation around the gamer, while a large monitor lies suspended in front of each seat by a Kevlar-coated carbon fiber arm. We foresee one problem with this – either the game had better come with some sort of cloud database for you to save your progress, or you can transfer your saved game to another physical media platform for you to continue later on when you land. [Press Release]

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