Kids could very well enjoy robots more than clowns down the road, if you have the Kibot and its ilk become mainstream. This is a monkey-faced robot who is able to read fairy tales, sing songs, snap photos as well as make video calls through a display that has been built right into its tummy. According to wireless operator KT Telecom, they have started delivering the multitasking simian for around $450 a pop, including wireless packages which can be purchased in 12- or 14-month installments.

Available only in pink and gray at the moment, Kibot (short for “kid’s robot”) is not just about kids, as parents too, are able to remotely control the 8-inch-tall wheeled robot through mobile phone. Of course, if you decide to rely on a Wi-Fi connection, you can also monitor your kids remotely – kids who realize that might just feel a little bit creepy since they might get freaked out and be more apprehensive.

Those who are single kids might find the Kibot fun to hang out with, but nothing beats the dynamics of an actual flesh-and-blood sibling, don’t you think so? Imagine beating the crap out of your little one, or bullying him/her by stashing away their toys. After all, a robot has no emotions, and after a while, the response gets old and repetitive.

The Kibot also comes with a 1.3-megapixel front-facing camera that will call the corresponding person when you touch its via an RFID card that bears the photo of a familiar face, let’s say mom, dad, or even grandparents and cousins far away.

It is interesting to note that Kibot is manufactured by iRiver, the same company that rolls out plenty of portable media players in the past. Capable of responding to gestures including pats, it will turn around and pleasantly say, “It feels good.”

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