Word on the street has it that Target has issued a cancellation email for pre-orders of the Transformer, which is quite sad since there is quite a bunch of fans of the device who have enough faith to drop their dough on it. BirthdayShop had this to say on a forum, with the email screenshot as shown above.


I was bummed because I had a $40 coupon code applied to that order and wanted the cheaper price, so I called Target to see if they could do anything for me. They told me that the order hadn’t been canceled and was still on track to ship as early as May 17th. I checked my order status online and couldn’t find any indication that it had been canceled. Given the unambiguous wording of the email, I am a bit torn as to what to believe. Has anyone else had this experience?

Other people have weighed in on the situation, experiencing the very same thing as BirthdayShop while receiving the same email. Interestingly enough, logging in to target.com did show the pre-order being processed, and that could just be due to a delay right before the cancellation is reflected on the website. Slowpokes!

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