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Target Registers Hit With Nationwide Outage
A retail giant like Target wouldn’t probably want the registers at all of its locations across the country to freeze up at the same time but that’s precisely what happened yesterday. Due to a technical glitch, Target registers across the country suffered an outage for almost two hours during mid-day. Customers were thus prevented from making purchases even in self-checkout lines.

Target Now Offers Same-Day Delivery Through Its Website
With Amazon planning to make one-day delivery the standard for Prime members, Target is improving its same-day delivery offering as well. The retailer today announced that it’s making it easier for customers to have their purchases delivered on the same day. They will be able to place their orders directly on and have them delivered by Shipt.

Target Will Offer Shipt Same-Day Delivery For More Products Next Year
Target acquired same-day grocery delivery service Shipt last year for over $500 million. Target’s acquisition was viewed as a response to Walmart and Amazon’s grocery delivery businesses. However, Target has not limited the service to groceries only and it’s going to expand its reach even further come 2019.

Apple Pay Reportedly In Testing At Target San Francisco
In theory Apple Pay sounds like a great idea considering how many iPhone users there are. However not all retailers have hopped on board and understandably so given that they would lock themselves into Apple’s ecosystem. Instead what some, such as Walmart, have done, is launch their own mobile payments system.


Target Free Shipping Minimum Amount Removed For The Holidays
Target wants more of your dollars during the holiday season which is why the retailer has announced that it’s removing the minimum amount required for free shipping. It normally requires customers to have $35 worth of products in their basket to qualify for free two-day shipping.

Target To Install More EV Chargers Across Its Stores
Compared to back in the day, finding an EV charger these days is considerably easier. Granted it’s probably still not quite as ubiquitous compared to gas stations, but we’re getting there. In fact if you’re the owner of an electric vehicle, you might be interested to learn that Target has announced that they will be expanding the number of EV chargers across their stores.

Target Expands Drive Up Service To 270 Stores
Amazon isn’t the only company that played with the idea of having groceries dropped straight to your car after you purchase them online and head over to the appropriate location to pick up your order. Target launched a similar service last year called Drive Up, as the name suggests, customers just drive up to the store and an employee will load them in their car.

Target Expands Same-Day Delivery For In-Store Purchases To More Cities
If there was ever an advantage that brick and mortar retailers had over online retailers such as Amazon was that you could go into the store and walk away with your purchase there and then. This is versus waiting for a delivery which could take several days. However this has clearly changed as in recent times, Amazon has made same-day deliveries a thing.

Analyst Predicts Amazon Will Buy Target In 2018
Market analysts are making their predictions about the massive acquisitions that we might see happening in 2018. Just yesterday, a couple of Citi analysts predicted that Apple might buy Netflix. Now we have another analyst predicting that Amazon is going to buy Target this year. If that’s true, it would mean that Amazon’s shakeup on the retail landscape may not be over yet.

Target’s Latest Acquisition Will Help With Same-Day Delivery Capabilities
It is no secret that when it comes to retailers, Amazon is one of the companies to beat. Not only does Amazon offer a ton of products across a wide range of categories, but what sets the company apart is their logistics network, in which they are capable of sending out products that arrive on the same day itself.

Target Will Help Customers Order Online If Stores Are Out Of Stock
When it comes to shopping, we can choose to shop at a store in person or shop online. Clearly there are benefits to both, such as being able to see a product for yourself in person, and being able to take it home with you on the spot. Shopping online however offers a more convenient option if you do not have time, or can’t be bothered to go out.

Target’s Website Now Uses AR To Place Furniture In Your Home
The problem with online shopping is that everything you see is a photo, which for the most part has usually been photoshopped to make it look better and more appealing to customers. However we all have probably encountered instances where an item we thought looked nice online ended up looking out of place or ugly in real-life.

Target Acquires Company To Help Them Make Same-Day Deliveries
Amazon has over the years built up a very impressive logistics network. Over time this has allowed the company to control their logistics to the point where they can even offer customers same-day deliveries, which does solve one of the problems of online shopping which is the waiting for your package to arrive.

iPhone SE Stock Being Returned By Target Ahead Of Apple's Event
Apple is rumored to conduct an event later this month to unveil new iPads and possibly new iPhone models as well. The company hasn’t confirmed anything as yet but since it normally unveils new iPads in March it’s highly likely that an event will take place this month. According to a new report, retailer Target has instructed its stores to return several iPhone SE models to Apple by today. It’s […]

Target Apple Pay Support Ruled Out For Now
A social media post led to reports that perhaps Target would soon start accepting Apple Pay in its stores across the United States but the retail giant has now confirmed that this is not the case, at least for now. Target has issued an official statement confirming that it doesn’t have any plans to start accepting Apple Pay in its stores.

Target Has Plans To Launch Their Own Mobile Payments Service
When Apple Pay was announced, retailers such as Walmart announced that they would not be offering the service at their locations. Instead what Walmart did was launch its own mobile payments service in the form of Walmart Pay, and it looks like Walmart might have inspired other retailers to follow suit.

Target Resumes Sales of Amazon Hardware After Four Years
Amazon does not own and operate tens of thousands of stores across the globe and yet in many countries it’s the first place that many people check out when they want to buy a new product. There’s a reason why traditional brick-and-mortar retailers are working super hard to compete with this online retail giant and one of the methods that Target employed four years ago was to ban sales of […]

Target Rumored To Be Working On Own Mobile Payments Service
A couple of weeks ago, Walmart announced Walmart Pay. It was rather surprising but given that Walmart was one of the larger retailers to not support Apple Pay, we suppose it should have been expected that they might have come up with an alternative. In fact for those who shop at Walmart very frequently, it almost makes more sense.That being said, could Target be thinking of creating something similar of […]

Target Cyber Monday 2015 Will Last For The Entire Week
It’s not uncommon for retailers to launch their Cyber Monday deals before Thanksgiving arrives, this time around Target is going one step further by announcing its Cyber Monday deals will be available for the entire week, aptly called Cyber Week. The retailer is also promising a 15 percent discount on almost all of its inventory aside from “steep discounts” in key departments like apparel and toys throughout the week.

Apple Watch Now Available From Target
It was pretty hard to get your hands on the Apple Watch when the smartwatch first went on sale earlier this year, over the past few months availability has gradually improved. Now it’s possible to just walk into an Apple Store and pick one up, the company has also started selling it through major retailers across the country. Best Buy was the first to offer the Apple Watch and now […]