Compared to back in the day, finding an EV charger these days is considerably easier. Granted it’s probably still not quite as ubiquitous compared to gas stations, but we’re getting there. In fact if you’re the owner of an electric vehicle, you might be interested to learn that Target has announced that they will be expanding the number of EV chargers across their stores.

As it stands Target has several EV chargers installed at various locations across the country, but the company has recently announced that they will be expanding on that. This plan will bring the number of locations from 18 sites across five states to more than 100 sites across more than 20 states.

However this is expected to take place over the course of the next 2 years, so don’t expect to see these EV chargers popup across Target locations over night. According to John Leisen, vice president, Property Management, Target, “Accelerating our efforts to install new charging stations at Target stores across the country is one way we’re building on our commitment to investing in solutions that leave our communities better for future families.”

He adds, “And it’s an opportunity to work with industry-leading partners to bring a more convenient shopping experience to guests as we look to design lower-carbon solutions throughout our entire operation.”

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