The iPad is a pretty versatile device and especially in the performing scene, where more and more musicians are using it to aid them in creating music both in the studio and to enhance their live shows. But for folks who perform with the iPad live need both hands to operate the device or at least some sort of stand on the stage. But what happens if they need both hands as well as the iPad? It’s quite troublesome to have to keep walking back to the stand to adjust a setting or play a different look track especially if you like wandering around the stage.

Two dudes from Jacksonville, Florida came up with an idea to the problem. Called the Trubador, this unique iPad case was designed just for musicians who need their hands free for other instruments while having the iPad within reach as well. It is a custom designed case that can be worn and lets the tablet become functional at the same time. When opened, the case is propped up by two rigid columns that let the screen face the user for easy access.

It is a simple enough to use case that also functions as a kickstand on a table, and a protective case to carry the tablet around when it’s not in use. Besides musicians, people such as reporters, sales people, convention workers etc will find such a case to be useful in their line of work.

Unfortunately right now the project still needs some funds to continue so for those of you who are keen on seeing the Trubador come to life, head over to its Kickstarter page to find out more or pre-order yourself a case by pledging a minimum of $40 – a pretty decent price for such a versatile accessory.

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