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Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Case Revealed (Rumor)
Have you heard of MobileDirect before? They happen to be a company that distributes smartphone accessories, ensuring that your mobile device is well armed, so to speak, for a road warrior like you to be able to handle whatever that is thrown in your direction – including the accidental drop or knock from time to time. Hence, it is far from surprising if they are able to get their hands […]

Ventev Mobile Offers Self-Healing iPhone Case
[CES 2015] Owning a smartphone is something that just about every one of us already have – and taking good care of it would be something worth looking into. After all, having a screen that is all scratched up is no fun at all. Having said that, Ventev Mobile has just introduced a new self-healing iPhone case – which is pretty interesting, since the recently announced LG G Flex2 too, […]

Nexus 6 Gets Two More New Cases
The Nexus 6 from Google has definitely picked up its fair share of bouquets from the masses. Granted, this particular device has Motorola as its manufacturer, and we all more or less know how Motorola has gotten back into the good books of many in recent times, having have the reputation of introducing some rather durable smartphones over the years. However, no matter how tough or durable you think a […]

CyanogenMod Case For Nexus 5 Launched
The folks over at CyanogenMod do a whole lot more than just rolling out custom operating system ROM versions for the masses, as well as working on a new smartphone that they can call their own. No sir, it seems that something apart from them has hit the market, and we are talking about the CyanogenMod case for the Nexus 5. This particular case was specially built in conjunction with […]


Cheaper iPhone Case Rumor
iPhones, iPhones everywhere! A Japanese case manufacturer known as MGM Corp. (obviously, they are not meant to be confused with the casino company who owns MGM Grand in Las Vegas among other buildings and corporations) has come up with what has been rumored to be the much talked about, but never released iPhone which will border on the low cost side of things. When compared to an equally thin case […]

Mobelisk Turns Ordinary Tablets Into Enterprise Devices
At CTIA, MoGo has announced its second generation of modular sleeves that can turn a $200 device into a touch, enterprise ready tablet with extra battery capacity, optional laser bar code reader and many more options. Basically, if the order is large enough, MoGo will even design and build it for the customer.

Targus Goes Sleek And Sexy With New Smartphone And Tablet Case Range
Targus should be a familiar name for those of you who deal with accessories for your notebooks and tablet devices, and this time around, Targus has clearly placed their weight behind the conglomerate from South Korea known as Samsung, by offering cases for the recently launched Samsung Galaxy S4 as well as the new Galaxy Note 8. After all, if you have already spent so much on these devices, it […]

Apple iPad 5 Case Spotted (Rumor)
We have read on our fair share of leaks concerning the iPad 5 (which is what it is referred to at the moment since there has been no official announcement on its name), including the alleged front bezel of the iPad 5 that do seem to depict narrower bezels. Well, what you see above has nothing to do with being the original part of the upcoming next generation iPad, although […]

Gridcase Reactor Is An iPhone 5 Case Which Features A Hand Crank
We’ve seen some pretty standard iPhone battery cases that will fit around your device and supply power to it, some of them even allowing you to choose when it needs a boost in power the most by turning the feature on or off. The Gridcase Reactor is an iPhone 5 battery case, but it features a unique method of charging the device.The Gridcase Reactor features a hand crank that you […]

Case-Mate Outs BlackBerry Z10 Cases
BlackBerry has taken the wraps of its BlackBerry 10 devices, namely the Z10 and the Q10. In case you missed them, we did a hand-on of the two devices yesterday. Moving on, Case-Mate has unveiled its latest accessories for the BlackBerry Z10. Case-Mate has three cases for the Z10 – Crafted Woods Collection, Gunmetal with Black Brushed Aluminum, and the Black Signature Flip. First, the Crafted Woods Collection is made from […]

OtterBox Launches Its Toughest Case Yet
OtterBox, the makers of sturdy waterproof electronic cases for mobile devices, has just launched its toughest case. In partnership with AT&T, OtterBox is officially announcing its Armor Series. The Armor series is certified to be waterproof, drop-proof, dust-proof, and crush-proof. That’s four layers fused together to create the toughest case the company has ever built. Talk about the ultimate case for your mobile device. The Armor Series features watertight latches […]

Seidio OBEX iPhone 5 Case Is Water-Proof And Impact-Proof
[CES 2013] Not to be outdone with Optrix’s XD5 iPhone case, Houston-based mobile accessories maker, Seidio, is introducing its own sturdy yet nifty case for Apple’s flagship iPhone in Las Vegas today. The company’s OBEX case offers unbeatable and extreme protection against everyday dust, water, snow, mud, and other liquids. Seidio says that its case has just passed the IP68 rating, which means that it is certified to be dust-resistant […]

Optrix XD5 Rugged iPhone 5 Case Announced
[CES 2013] If you love the Optrix case for the iPhone 4, then you will be happy to hear that the company is releasing a new rugged case for the iPhone 5. Introducing the Optrix XD5, marketed as the world’s most rugged iPhone 5 case. The XD5, made from military grade products, is a wide-angle camera case that is capable of withstanding the challenging conditions of the outdoors. Optrix has […]

Grove Wood Case For iPhone 5 Available For Pre-Orders
A number of iPhone cases have hit the market in the recent past. Given the sheer number of iPhone users, it is no wonder that many vendors want to get into the race with their own offerings. However, so far very few iPhone cases have come off as extra-ordinary.Grove has now announced a new iPhone case which is made up of wood. The case is meant for the upcoming iPhone […]

ego's Samsung Galaxy S3 case comes with USB flash drive
ego has just introduced their Hybrid Series USB design into their latest Samsung Galaxy S3 case, where it will come with the added advantage of carrying around additional storage in the form of a 4GB, 8GB or 16 GB USB flash drive. Fashionistas will obviously be pleased to see that this unique Galaxy S3 case comes in seven different color options, with matching slide-in USB drives to boot. It makes […]

Case makers allude to 4-inch display on new iPhone
Being an accessory manufacturer for the iPhone can be quite a lucrative position to be in, but only if you hit it big among the owners of Apple’s iPhone, of course. Well, it seems that third party protective iPhone case manufacturers are clearly going ahead of themselves by churning out a redesigned protective case that carries a taller 4-inch display, in addition to a smaller dock connector that gives the […]

Thule Case for 13-inch MacBook Pro and an iPad
The argument that seems to be never ending is whether or not the tablet has really made the laptop moot. Of course there are people on either side that think differently and there will even be people that think both are necessary. If you are one of the latter and you own a 13-inch MacBook Pro along with an iPad, this new rugged case by Thule could be just what […]

Chocolate Scented iPhone 4/4S Case Looks and Smells Yummy
If you have an iPhone 4 or 4S and you love the smell of chocolate as well as the color brown, the folks over at ThinkGeek have decided to incorporate all of those above and given you the aptly named Chocolate Scented iPhone 4 Case which should fit on the latest iPhone 4S that shares the same dimensions. The case is designed to look like a bar of animated chocolate […]

iCA Military Edition iPhone case up for pre-order
Last year we reported about the Gizmon iCA: a case that turns your iPhone into a camera lookalike. Well, the folks behind the iCa have decided to come up with a new variant of the case. Called the iCA Military Edition, it brings you back to the days of military photographers and their Leica range finders. While it may be no longer possible (or too expensive) to get your hands […]

Raspberry Pi computer case
When you have a computer with a demand of 700 units per second, you know for sure that you are on to a winner here. The Raspberry Pi mini computer is definitely such a device, but unfortunately, it comes naked – so you will need to suit it up yourself. Good thing Marco Alici figured out something for the masses – coming up with his very own Raspberry Pi computer […]