DARPA’s XC2V is a crowd-sourced military vehicle that has just seen its fully functional prototype getting the final touches before it is ready for action. Taking less than 14 weeks to built from ground up via the “FLYPMODE” concept from Local Motors, it shares a common chassis that can perform both combat resupply and medical evacuation missions. Of course, the XC2V is not armed in any way at the moment, but is fully operational just in case any of the Decepticons happen to pass by earth and want to perform a number on our planet.

DARPA has not commented on cost at the moment, but we more or less suspect that it is cheaper compared to all the governmental red tape that such projects normally have to go through. Isn’t it amazing when you rely on the crowd sourcing model, things get done a whole lot faster (and probably cheaper)? 

DARPA looks to this as a future model for private industry and community based programs to help the military in adapting to the rapidly changing face of warfare, increasing the efficiency process when it comes to designing and implementing new hardware as and when required.

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