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US Military Caught Pirating Software, To Pay $50 Million In Fines
Crime does not pay, and certainly it is a crime to steal something that does not belong to you in the first place. Software piracy is a very big issue that needs to be tackled, and Apptricity, the maker of logistics software that is used to track down the location of soldiers as well as shipments in critical missions, has decided to bring the US Government to court after the […]

Injected Foam Could Prevent Soldiers From Bleeding To Death
The battlefield is an extremely dangerous place, as you can never tell whether this mission which you are on is your last. Well, an army is useless if it is full of hardware but does not have humans running the show, but with tactics and weapons being more advanced these days, one could get wounded from just about anywhere, anytime. Perhaps combat medics could help save the lives of U.S. […]

Sham II Syrian “Tank” Controlled by PlayStation Controller
What you see above is the Sham II, which is a 100% made in Syria vehicle that is constructed from the chassis of a car, and rebels have touted it to be a tank of sorts. Taking around a month of work for the design, it will in no way be able to stand up to the different kinds of modern day weaponry, but it sure puts some hope into […]

PIXNET super vision system for soldiers
Fighting on the ground these days are far different from what you see in Assassin’s Creed 3, there are plenty more equipment and gear for your average grunt to deal with, and most US soldiers do tote around special weapon sights and vision goggles so that they can have enhanced eyesight under bad weather conditions or in the darkness of night. There is a new project in the military’s research […]


Military zeppelin to land cargo sans runway
It goes without saying that air support is crucial in any theater of war, whether it is meant to shock and awe the enemy into submission, or to deliver supplies to base camp in the fastest time possible. The thing about planes is, you do need runways to take off and land, but with the new prototype zeppelins that Aeros Corp. is developing on behalf of the U.S. Department of […]

MouSensor Project sees mice trained to be landmine detectors
Clearing up a landmine infested area is not exactly the dream job for most folks, considering the copious amount of risk involved while you are at work with no guarantee that you will be able to return home alive. Well, getting robots to do the job is an avenue worth exploring, but what happens when one could enlist the help of nature? Lab mice that have been genetically engineered by […]

South Korea looks at suicidal attack drone
The Japanese perfected the art of kamikaze attacks during World War 2 which took many people by surprise – at least those who were not exposed to this particular move in warfare. South Koreans might have taken a page out of Japan’s history by working on an unmanned aircraft that is capable of performing a precision strike with a release targeted within the next 2 years. This aircraft will not […]

US Navy wants jets powered by seawater
Each year, the US Navy consumes around $11 billion worth of fuel – which is a whole lot of money when you think about it. Well, scientists over at the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) might help ease the burden of forking out so much money just for fuel alone, that they have managed to come across a process which can transform seawater into jet fuel. It sounds more like […]

The Pentagon investigated a Pokémon-inspired weapon
A recently declassified document from the Army’s National Ground Intelligence center details a series of proposals for non-lethal weapons ranging from a close-range laser to a device that would flood cellular networks. In particular, it contains descriptions of a weapon that would cause mass seizures. While it’s not surprising that the Pentagon would investigate non-lethal weapons, what is surprising is the inspiration for the seizure gun: a 1997 episode of Pokemon where a flashing Pikachu caused several simultaneous seizures in Japan. From the report:The photic-induced […]

JLENS successful in blasting a cruise missile
What can $2 billion get you these days? Not much if you are a defense company, as one of Pentagon’s spy blimps known as JLENS (Joint Land Attack Cruise Missile Defense Elevated Netted Sensor) from Raytheon has finally managed to successfully detect as well as track an anti-ship cruise missile, followed by the Navy blasting said cruise missile out of the sky successfully. This might sound like a success, but […]

Unmanned Air Force space plane lands in California by itself
Things seem to be getting more and more automated in the army, where most recently we saw this unmanned Air Force space plane steering itself to a safe landing last Saturday at a California military base, which marks the end (and perhaps the highlight) of a 15-month clandestine mission. This particular unmanned space plane was launched from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida in March last year, where it […]

Brains scanned for potential battlefield threats
Things seem to get better and better for soldiers on the battlefield as more and more technology start to take their rightful place. The Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA) recently combined soldiers brains to technology successfully, where a massive 120-megapixel camera as well as multiple computers running complex cognitive algorithms, known as a “cybernetic hivemind”, will work in tandem to sort out potential threats on the battlefield in double […]

Textron unveils remote controlled flying bombs, expands definition of “death from above”
War is serious business, and you know that there is no extra life for you to fall back upon unlike in a video game. Ever wished that you could help sacrifice yourself for the safety of your team, without dying in the process? You can soon perform kamikaze attacks behind enemy lines, thanks to Textron Defense Systems’ latest invention, a flying drone which was specially designed to blow up upon […]

DARPA Legged Squad Support System (LS3)
What you see above is definitely not new, but it shows off other capabilities of the upcoming DARPA Legged Squad Support System (LS3) that we have not been privy to before. The ultimate goal of the LS3 program is to demonstrate the usefulness of a legged robot which is capable of helping squad members carry their gear, following them autonomously through rugged terrain without missing a beat. Heck, the LS3 […]

Raytheon High-Speed Anti-Radiation Missile tested successfully
A nuclear deterrent is a good thing if you are the one with it, but this will lead to an escalation in the arms race across the global political arena. Unfortunately, this is where the world is at right now, so it makes sense to have more sophisticated defenses systems in order to defend your country’s sovereignty. Raytheon has successfully tested their High-Speed Anti-Radiation Missile (HARM) which is said to […]

Striker HMSS helmet endows fighter pilots with 'X-ray vision'
All right, the kind of x-ray vision that I am referring to here has absolutely nothing to do with Superman’s ability, but rather, BAE Striker’s smart helmet is said to be able to allow a pilot in a Eurofighter Typhoon jet to see what is behind the hulk of metal that keeps him in the air. Yes sir, there is no steel-grey floor to speak of, rather, one would be […]

Heat resisting camouflage face paint
Most soldiers who fight on the battlefield wear some sort of face paint for camouflage purposes, and these tend to comprise of oil and wax, which will actually melt when exposed to intense heat. As we all know, the battlefield is not a place for the faint hearted, where it comes with its fair share of bombs and artillery which deliver intense heat and all round destruction. US scientists have […]

Bullet trap goes portable
I guess the word “portable” is used extremely liberally here – especially since portable does not mean you are able to just pick it off the ground and pop it into your pocket. I am referring to the Portable Encapsulator, where it does what it promised – to be able to trap bullets. Initial observations have proved to be nothing short but positive, where it has been said that a […]

Artificial skin is super sensitive
Over the past decade, Hollywood has churned out summer blockbusters that more often than not involved a comic book character, and they tend to come with a set of special powers. Well, we normal humans can only continue living our lives without being genetically enhanced in any way, but perhaps engineers from South Korea and the US might be on to something new here – ultra sensitive artificial skin. Working […]

Female body armor for the army, Samus grins
I am quite sure that those of us who are old enough to play the original Metroid on the NES were pretty much shocked when we realized that Samus was not a testosterone-filled hero, but rather, a more tender version in the form of a female. Females in the army have come a long way since the days of the NES, and female soldiers in the U.S. Army could potentially […]