If you happen to live in China, you would know that there is a spanking new handset that is starting to make its rounds – the Fujitsu F-022 mobile phone. The whole point of this bling-looking handset is due to the collaborative efforts of jewellery, watches and accessories brand Folli Follie alongside Fujitsu who lends their expertise in the consumer electronics point of view.

Not only does it look great on paper, it is also capable of using simplified Chinese character display and input. Folli Follie is a hugely popular brand in the Land of the Rising Sun, where it operates around 100 stores in China alone. The F-022 mobile phone will hit the retail sales channel in China from June 24th onwards. 

On the outside lies a glitter-motif design that comprises of a diamond-like jewel block of two-karat cubic zirconia. Apart from that, you can always have a great smelling handset, thanks to its ability to accept perfume being sprayed onto the detachable fragrance chip that is located on the mobile phone’s reverse side. Other hardware specifications include an 8.1-megapixel camera, water-resistant (rated IPX5/7/8) and dust-resistant (rated IP5X) technology.

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