fujitsu_livetalk_1[CEATEC 2016] Have you ever tried communicating with someone who speaks a different language? There are translation apps available, but sometimes typing out the words can be slow, not to mention having to wait for them to be translated can also be slow. Ultimately this results in a bit of awkwardness with both parties standing around waiting for a translation.

At CEATEC 2016, Fujitsu is showing off its LiveTalk technology which actually debuted last year. One of the upsides of LiveTalk is that it is capable of making translations on the fly in a variety of languages. This will make it ideal in a variety of situations, such as during meetings with foreign clients, or in schools when trying to teach a different language, or during events where the crowd might not speak your language.

fujitsu_livetalk_2From what we can tell during the demo, Fujitsu’s LiveTalk feature was pretty spot on and speedy in its translation. For the most part it also appeared to be contextually accurate. Ubergizmo’s Hubert Nguyen was also particularly impressed with its ability to understand and accurately translate French on the fly.

Now Fujitsu is definitely not the first company to come up with this tech. Other companies such as Microsoft have integrated on-the-fly translation with services such as Skype, and Google Translate also has the ability to translate your speech as you say it out loud

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