When it comes to judging sports, there have been numerous systems developed over the years to help humans come to certain decisions. For example, slow-motion/instant replay camera systems have been created so that certain moments can be viewed again to determine if a play was a foul or if it was legit, and so on.

However, Fujitsu wants to take things to the next level by developing an AI and 3D sensing system that could help judges to score the difficulty in gymnastics routines. This system was jointly developed with the International Gymnastics Federation and will be used alongside the Instant Replay and Control System.

How it works is that through the use of AI and 3D sensors, it will be able to calculate and measure each gymnast’s movement and then analyse it in the form of numerical data. The sensors can provide a 3D view of the performance along with the ability to measure angles that could help judges come to a fair and accurate assessment.

According to FIG President Morinari Watanabe, “The people we must always have in mind are the gymnasts. They dedicate their youth to this sport, which gives them dreams and sees them flourish. We cannot accept that all those years of hard effort and all those dreams can be destroyed by a single judging error. Scoring controversies must become a thing of the past, and the technology that Fujitsu has been developing will reinforce trust in judgement.”

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