Google Les Paul Doodle is a hit

Google Doodle

Normally we’re not one to report on Google Doodles, but the latest one that was unveiled yesterday has been proven to be too much of a hit to ignore. As of now, the doodle has spawned around 4,000 recordings on YouTube alone. And due to popular demand – Google has decided to leave it up on its main page all the way through Friday.

In case you were unsure, a Google Doodle is basically a twist on the regular Google logo we’ll see every now and then, depending on the area and the occasion. Usually used to mark momentous occasions and seasonal greetings, the Google Doodle logos are something that a lot of users look forward to seeing on their Google homepage every day.

Yesterday, Google posted up a Doodle in honor of electric-guitar innovator, Les Paul to celebrate his birthday. The Doodle was the Google logo created in the form of a guitar, with 10 strings that would each play a different sound when the mouse went over it or a specific key on the keyboard was pressed. They even included a button for users to record up to 30 seconds of music which they can share with their friends.

For those of you who haven’t given this Google Doodle a go yet can head over to the Google website to try it out before it’s removed. Check out one of the many videos you can find floating around on YouTube:

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