iOnRoad App Wants You To Check Your Phone While Youre DrivingChecking your phone while driving is a big no-no, and the activity has been frowned upon by handset manufacturers, network carriers and governments alike. This however does not stop people from attempting to send text messages, making phone calls, and even playing games while driving. Israeli startup company, Picitup, figured since you will be looking at your phone anyway, might as well turn it into something useful.

The company recently launched an app called iOnRoad which uses augmented reality technology to act as a kind of visual radar for potential danger on the road. All the driver would need to do is simply place their cell phone on a dashboard mount and let the app run. The app would then map out objects in front of drivers (i.e. cars, trees, people, barriers, etc) in real time using the phone’s camera. The app will then calculate current driving speed and if the app senses that a driver is in danger of a collision, a visual warning pops up and a sound alert goes off.

If you think that it’s ironic that you have to check your phone in order to see if you’re in any danger while driving, not to worry, because the app has a “background mode” option, which will allow the app to remain hidden until it senses danger. It does seem like a pretty good use of augmented reality.

According to the company’s website, the app has not been launched but users can put in their name and e-mail, and they will be notified when the app launches. At the moment it looks like the app is limited to just Android users, no word on when it will be available for other platforms. Check out the video demo of iOnRoad below.

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