In today’s world where we’re becoming increasingly dependent on electronics we have pretty much cables for everything. Chargers for our laptops, tablets, smartphones and power cables for computers, monitors, printers, scanners including peripherals like our keyboards and mouse (unless of course you go the wireless route), webcam, microphones and if you happen to be in the media industry you probably have cables for your cameras to transfer photos, graphic tablets, music instruments so on and so forth, which is why seeing a table cluttered by cables in offices and homes today isn’t really that uncommon.

Some people have chosen to conceal their wires while others have decide to let them run wild but if you’re hoping for an inexpensive way to gather your cables up into a neat bunch then perhaps the Pinzacord may just be what you’re looking for. It’s basically a clip that keeps all your cables together, as you can see in the photo above, with the held of two rubber O rings which prevent the cords from escaping.

It’s a very neat, simple and elegant solution that will only set you back $12-$16, depending on the size, which means you could get a couple and if you so chose, you could actually separate your cords by category. Head on down to Pinzacord’s website for more information.

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