Nintendo said that one of its server was accessed without authorization. The company stressed that no personal information was lost, but did not elaborate on the breach or the security vulnerability. Nintendo is probably still investigating the breach, but has recognized that “it is a fact there was some kind of possible hacking attack.” This come just before the E3 gaming expo (we’ll be there tomorrow) where Nintendo will unveil a new Wii console.Sony had previously been the victim of a much larger scale attack that did expose millions of user accounts and ended up costing tens of millions of dollars and frustrated users who could not access the service. As of late, Sony was still under attack and a smaller-scale breach has been reported this week. Sony is working with the FBI and other government agencies to trace the perpetrators of the attack.

One hacking group (Lulz security) said that it was behind the Nintendo breach and exposed one server configuration file as proof. However, they said that it was just a technical stunt and that Nintendo was not a target for a more serious attack. More stories about hackers.

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