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Team Fortress 2: now free to play forever

Team Fortress 2

Earlier this week, Valve put one of its most popular games of all time, Team Fortress 2, as a free download on Steam. Now, for some strange reason, the company is feeling even more generous than ever and has released the game as a free to play game – forever. This means that all you PC gamers that haven’t gotten your hands on this game now are in for a treat.

Valve has decided to earn money through in-game purchases instead of selling copies of the game (which cost a lot more than the game anyway – have you seen the prices of the in-game hats?). Either way, making this game free should boost the number of players by a significant amount, and will introduce a whole new crowd to the world of Team Fortress 2. Head over to the Team Fortress website to find out more and to download the game.

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