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Xbox One Getting Free-To-Play Killer Instinct At Launch
Microsoft is bringing back Killer Instinct, but will make it a free-to-play game.

Free-To-Play Ridge Racer Driftopia Headed To PS3, PC In 2013
Namco Bandai’s Ridge Racer series has always been considered a more arcade-y racing game as its gameplay mechanics, especially when drifting, can be considered to be extremely exaggerated. The next game in the series will take an equally exaggerated step in another direction, but it isn’t to make its gameplay crazier, instead, it’s a step in the free-to-play direction.Ridge Racer Driftopia will be the first Ridge Racer title that will […]

Blizzard Announces Free-To-Play Card Game, Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft
Blizzard Entertainment has been creating quite a stir in the gaming community lately as they not only announced its Diablo III will be headed to consoles, specifically the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 at this point, and today, they’re announcing they’re going to be releasing a free-to-play game.The game is called Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft and will be shown at a PAX East panel sometime this weekend. Hearthstone will be […]

Uncharted 3 Multiplayer Goes Free-To-Play Starting Today
Naughty Dog is announcing today the complete multiplayer mode of Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception will be available on PlayStation Network as a free-to-play title, marking the first time a AAA game has transitioned from being offered as an additional mode within a paid product to adopting a free-to-play method.The free-to-play version of Uncharted 3’s multiplayer mode will give you unlimited access to the game until you reach level 15. The […]


Nintendo Wii U Delivers First Free-To-Play Game This Week With TANK! TANK! TANK!
Free-to-play titles have been gaining in popularity recently thanks in part to mobile gaming. $.99 games seem to be too rich for anyone’s blood, especially when they spent hundreds of dollars on their smartphone or tablet, which means free-to-play games are the way to go these days. The Wii U will receive its first free-to-play title this week, marking the first next-generation console to offer such an experience.Namco’s TANK! TANK! […]

Free-to-play games account for 50% of the European game market according to data
If you’ve ever wondered just how popular the free-to-play model has become, new data from Ipsos Media CT and ISFE has suggested that free-to-play games have accounted for half of the European games market in the last 12 months, a pretty impressive figure we have to admit! According to their definition of half the market, it means that free-to-play games accounted for 50% of titles acquired during that 12 month […]

Star Wars: The Old Republic adds free-to-play option
Looks as though our rumors from last week were true, EA has decided add a free-to-play option for its popular MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic. This fall, they will add an option that will not require a $14.99 monthly fee. Starting August, they will cut the price by $14.95 which will also come with a free month of subscription.

EverQuest 2 now free to play
Last week we announced that EverQuest 2 would be going the free to play route, and well it looks like that day has finally arrived. In an official press release, Sony Online Entertainment announced that starting today, all PC users will be able to freely download, install and launch the game without charge. All users will gain access to the base game and all expansions up to and including Sentinel’s […]

EverQuest 2 going free to play
Sony Online Entertainment has had a lot of success with DC Universe Online going free to play, so it looks like they’ve decided to make another one of their popular MMORPGs (massively multiplayer online role playing game) titles free as well. The game in question? EverQuest 2. Starting December 6th, anybody will be able to download EverQuest 2 and start playing for free.Just like other games that went free to […]

Star Trek Online goes free-to-play 17th January 2012
Cryptic Studios, the developer behind the Star Trek Online MMO announced just yesterday that the MMO would be converting to the free-to-play model come 17th January 2012. This would not be the first MMO to convert to that particular business model, with DC Universe recently launching a similar model with great success.

DC Universe Online gains 1 million new players in a week
It’s only been a week since DC Universe Online went free to play, but Sony Online Entertainment has reported that the DC comics-inspired MMORPG has already gained 1 million new players, with a 50/50 split between PC and PlayStation 3 gamers. DCUO joins the ranks of SOE’s other successful free to play games like Free Realms and Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures.While the concept of free to play is already […]

DC Universe Online now free to play
Back in September we announced that DC Universe Online was going the free to play route, and though it missed its October deadline, it looks like that day has finally come. Today, Sony Online Entertainment officially announced that their popular superhero/supervillain MMORPG is now playable for free. While this means that there will be loads of new players in the game, it will function just like it did before, except […]

DC Universe Online free to play in October
Wow, it looks like yet another game is yet taking the free to play route that seems to be the trend for a lot of online games recently. Star Trek did it not too long ago, and now Sony Online Entertainment has just announced that its popular MMO – DC Universe Online will become free to play in October. The game will continue to function just like it did before, […]

Star Trek Online free to play details released
As most of you Trekkie gamers would know – the Star Trek Online MMO is going to be a free to play game before the end of the year, following the footsteps of numerous titles that have adopted a similar model recently. Cryptic, the developer, has just released more information about the game when it becomes free to play. According to the recently put up page with the details, all […]

Team Fortress 2: now free to play forever
Earlier this week, Valve put one of its most popular games of all time, Team Fortress 2, as a free download on Steam. Now, for some strange reason, the company is feeling even more generous than ever and has released the game as a free to play game – forever. This means that all you PC gamers that haven’t gotten your hands on this game now are in for a […]

LEGO Universe MMOG Free-to-Play announced
Fans of LEGO and MMO games will be pleased to know that come July – they won’t ever have to leave their rooms ever again. The LEGO Group has just announced that it will be releasing a Free-to-Play version of its MMOG for users who would like to try out the game without paying for it first. The Free-to-Play option will limit users to a zone for an unlimited amount […]