A rumor was circulating last week that hinted at Spotify launching an ad-supported version of its popular music-streaming service some time this week. Well – it looks like that’s what is exactly happening as Spotify has announced its mobile applications will be receiving an ad-supported version that would allow those who don’t pay for the service to listen to still be able to listen to some tunes.

The ad-supported version of Spotify will be available on any device that can access the service, and not just tablets as it was previously believed. The free ad-supported version of Spotify will allow you to listen to the songs of a particular artist, although you’ll only be allowed to listen to them in shuffle mode.

Compared to Pandora, who plays not only a particular artist, but other similar artists, Spotify is the first music-streaming service to give its users the ability to listen to a single artists’ catalog, although it’ll be in a shuffle. If you’re groaning at the idea of listening to a shuffled version of your favorite artists’ tracks, then you could pony up and purchase a subscription to Spotify. Then you can listen to any song on the service at any time and be able to shuffle what you hear on your own terms.

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