webOS PivotWe all know that one of the things an operating system needs in order to succeed is a strong development community behind it. More developers, means more apps, and when a platform has all the apps that a person needs, he/she will be more inclined to switch over to it. After all, the iOS’s huge community of developers and plethora of apps available has been key to the success of the iPad. In an attempt to make webOS more interesting to developers, HP has decided to launch the webOS Pivot magazine.

Designed to complement the HP webOS App Catalog (HP’s app store), Pivot will be a magazine that’s completely focused on apps. Instead of having to rely on charts or algorithms to find out what app is hot and worth your dollar to purchase, users will be able to read Pivot – a monthly magazine that’s available to all webOS TouchPad users. It will be written by journalists and photographers affiliated with leading publications, so the content should be worthwhile.

No word on whether users will have to pay for the magazine, and how much it will cost if they do, but it sure sounds like a great idea for developers who want to get as much exposure as possible for their apps. Instead of having to rely on algorithms of the webOS App Catalog to feature the app, developers with good apps know that they have a shot at getting featured in the magazine. webOS Pivot will launch on July 1st.

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