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Playboy Releases iPhone App Filled With Clothed Women, Articles
We know when you hear Playboy releasing a dedicated app onto the iPhone, we’re sure one of the first things you thought was it possibly being an April Fools’ Day joke. But after seeing it for ourselves, we can tell you today’s release, as ironic as it is, is no joke.The Playboy for iPhone application takes out all of those silly nude images that nobody picks up their magazines for, […]

New York Times now offers in-app subscriptions for the iPad
It looks Apple is winning the war against publishers who don’t agree with Apple’s policy of giving the company 30% of every in-app sale it makes. The New York Times, one of the companies that held out against Apple’s strict policy has made a last minute change to its app to prevent its removal from the App Store.The New York Times was issued a warning by the Cupertino company to […]

webOS Pivot for HP TouchPad helps you find apps
We all know that one of the things an operating system needs in order to succeed is a strong development community behind it. More developers, means more apps, and when a platform has all the apps that a person needs, he/she will be more inclined to switch over to it. After all, the iOS’s huge community of developers and plethora of apps available has been key to the success of […]

Time magazine lends its cover for Call of Duty promotion
Time magazine has got to have one of the most recognizable covers of a magazine all over the world. The iconic red border and matching four letters as its header: TIME. Well, the magazine has been the subject of controversy due to a promotion stint the company is doing with Activision, the publishers of hit video game: Call of Duty. In an attempt to reach out to the younger demographic, […]


Android magazine service preview to launch this week
As sales of print-based magazines are on a decline, publishers are trying to push out their magazines on as many digital platforms as possible. Recently, publishers have given in to Apple’s terms and conditions for selling their magazines through iTunes in-app purchases (or given away free digital copies if folks had a print subscription) and now it looks like the Android platform is about to join the fray.According to reports, […]

Hearst Publications to sell magazines on iTunes
Hearst Publications, the publisher behind popular magazines like Esquire, Popular Mechanics, and O, will be putting its publications up for sale on the iTunes store. The Wall Street Journal has reported that a deal has been finalized between the two Hearst Publications and Apple, and they will start selling their iPad versions of the aforementioned magazines, starting this July.The magazines will be sold at $1.99 a month or $19.99 for […]

Time to release digital magazines to iPad print subscribers
After months of trying to reach an agreement with Apple, it looks like Time Inc. won’t be selling digital versions of their magazines on Apple’s iTunes store anymore – The Wall Street Journal has reported that the company will be issuing digital copies of their magazines as free downloads to print subscribers.

Bloomberg releases Businessweek+ magazine app on iPad
While publishers are busy fighting for a better incentive when selling magazine subscriptions though iTunes on the iPad, Bloomberg has decided to go ahead and release an official magazine app anyway. Called Bloomberg Businessweek+, this app isn’t designed to take on The Daily; rather, it is just another magazine for users to get their business news updates. The app is free, and as an introduction, the first issue will only […] lets you easily publish your own iPad book or magazine
If you have an idea for a fantastic book or a magazine and are looking to dip your toes in the world of digital publishing, you might want to give the iPad a shot. has just added an iPad publishing solution to their list of iOS templates in their app building software. iBuildApp, a program used to aid non-coders in publishing their own book or magazine app has been […]

Project issue 4 is free
The latest issue of Richard Branson’s iPad magazine, Project, issue 4 is now available for free on the iTunes App Store. Apparently the folks at American Express have decided to sponsor this month’s issue so folks looking for reading material on their iPad can download it for free. It wasn’t mentioned why they decided to sponsor’s this month’s issue, and we’re pretty sure this won’t be the last time that […]

Read newspapers and magazines using Kindle for Android
While publishers have been reported still trying to work out a deal to get their magazines sold on iOS, Amazon has taken advantage of this fact and has introduced the newspaper and magazine subscription model in their Android app. Kindle users can easily subscribe to newspapers and magazines through the app itself. At the moment their selection isn’t too great, but we’re pretty sure it’ll expand in due time. All […]

Magazine photoshoot done with Nokia N8 phone
Photography is always a cool way to show off strange uses of gadgets. We’ve previously seen a photographer do a photoshoot using an iPhone, and another use iPads as lighting for a photoshoot. Next up we’ve got a little bit of good news for Nokia’s N8 as the phone was used by a photographer for a photoshoot for the cover of South Africa’s PiX Magazine. With such results, it’s really hard […]

Augmented Reality Comes To Print Magazines
Augmented Reality (AR) is an increasingly popular technology which allows virtual objects to be overlaid on images that we see via mobile devices. Now a lifestyle magazine has decided to include a supplement for its August 20 edition that has been enhanced by AR. The AR technology was built in partnership with Metaio, the developer of the AR browser Junaio. An example of the AR in action is available on […]

WePad Details and Plans Revealed
We’ve talked about a few technical details of the WePad before, but now we have all the specifications, along with a table (partially in German) that compares it with the iPad (click on the title to head to the full post). This Android-powered tablet will have access to the Android Market Place, but also to a WePad AppStore. The WePad has been built to consume digital newspaper and magazine and, […]