Facebook rich commentsOne thing great about Facebook is the way it constantly innovates and updates itself. While not everybody may agree with the new features it implements and forces its users to use, Facebook has come a long way since its inception about 7 years ago. From photo tagging, facial recognition, the “Like” button, and native video calling, the service is really a one-stop for all your social internet needs.

Yesterday Facebook announced a new feature that will be rolled out globally: comments now support rich content. Previously, rich content was only available when users wrote a new post on their walls, now users can paste URLs in comments which will then automatically expand to give a preview of what the link is about. This means users know what they’re getting into before they click a link, and if it’s a video, they can just play it from the comments box itself without having to leave Facebook.

A useful feature that no doubt many people will find useful – at least I know I do. What about you? Has Facebook hit or miss the mark with this new feature?

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