If there’s one thing you’ve got to love about Mac computers, it would be their AirPlay feature which allows users to stream songs from their computers to a set of speakers wirelessly. This clears up the clutter of audio cables that usually come with regular speakers, and it seems to go well with Apple’s “clean” and sleek design philosophy.

With the Libratone Live speakers, they differ a bit from your typical soundbars as they have the ability to be propped upright thanks to its triangular base. It was purposely designed that way to allow sound to fill up the room, or at least that’s what the company is claiming. The Libratone Lounge however, is your typical soundbar and can be mounted on the wall.

The Live will feature 150 watts along with a 3.5mm audio input jack for devices that are not AirPlay enabled. The Lounge will feature two 1-inch ribbon tweeters, two 4-inch ceramic drivers, and one 8-inch inverted woofer, all of which are independently amplified for a combined output of 150 watts.

If you’re interested in getting your hands on these speakers, be prepared to fork out a fair sum of money as the Lounge will be available through Apple’s online store this September, and will be priced at £1,099 to €1,199 (about $1,791 to $1,954), and the Live for £599 to £699 ($860 to $1005) at Apple retail locations in both the EU and the US.

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