Pioneer has typically created products aimed for home theatres and hi-fi systems, but it looks like they’re branching out into the computer market by offering up two new speaker systems – the 2.0-channel S-MM301 and the 2.1-channel S-MM751RU, which have been created for the PC user in mind.

The 2.0 S-MM301 speakers feature USB connectivity with built-in audio controls, featuring triple coil drivers which are supposed to “deliver dynamic sound with exceptional clarity at a volume not offered by typical USB-powered speakers,” and it comes with an affordable price tag of $49.

The 2.1 S-MM751RU speakers comes with a more expensive price tag of $129, and it will be featuring a total power of 40W – 20W for the subwoofer and 10W per speaker – and features a technology Pioneer has dubbed the MAXX Bass Dynamic Sound with DSP Bass Enhancement, which the company claims will increase dynamic range and will deliver a richer audio experience. A wired remote is included with the speakers and comes with a volume knob, playback controls, USB and line-in audio ports, and an SD card slot.

Not too bad considering the price Pioneer is asking for either speaker system, especially after seeing the price Acoustic Labs is asking for their Zeta 2.0 speakers.

So does anyone plan on picking these speakers up?

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