Word on the street has it that Taiwan-based component manufacturers will kick their PlayStation 4 (PS4) production for Sony at the end of this year. Hmmm, this sounds suspiciously like a rumor, since we know that coming out with a new console is going to cost a lot, and the current PS3 is still going strong, and has not even completed the so-called 10 year life cycle as predicted. It is also stated that the upcoming PS4 will boast of body movement-based control which is not too different from that of the Kinect, waiting in the wings to launch next year.

Digitimes’ sources also pointed out that Foxconn and Pegatron Technology, who are currently assemblers of the PS3, will also undertake assembly of the PS4. It seems that the planned shipment volume of PS4 next year would reside in the region of 20 million units at the very least.

Sounds fine and dandy, but the world’s economic outlook does not seem too likely to be able to have the market support a new console from Sony, not when austerity measures are being introduced with budget cuts being made all over the place. This is where Maslow’s hierarchy of needs comes to play, with food on the table and shelter being of utmost importance before Gran Turismo 10.

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