You know something? For a vehicle that isn’t even going to be out for a couple more years, it is something to see the 2013 BMW i3 roll down Chicago recently. What makes this particular BMW i3 so special from the rest? Well, it is an all-new rear-wheel-drive EV hatchback that was obviously brought out to the open presumably, to shoot a commercial as it cruised down Chicago’s Wacker Drive.

It must be noted that the i3 is the first model from the new BMW i brand when it hits the market next year, where you will find a 170-horsepower, all-electric motor underneath the hood. A liquid-cooled lithium-ion battery pack that is mounted beneath the floor will deliver the necessary electronic “punch” required to move this vehicle.

Since the drive set up provides for a flat floor, this translates to additional room for passengers as well as cargo, sporting bench seats in front and at the back, where the i3 is able to ferry around 4 people without sputtering in any way.

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