Cadillac ELR Coupe EV unveiled by General Motors

When it comes to electric vehicles (EV), rarely do we equate them with comfort, style, luxury or power. Instead we tend to think of EVs as fuel-savers, efficient, environmentally friendly and green, but General Motors is hoping to change that with their Cadillac ELR Coupe which they had just unveiled today.

Let’s be honest, based on the photo above and title not withstanding, you probably assumed that this would be a regular car, perhaps even a sports car, but in reality it is an electric vehicle, or rather a hybrid of sorts.

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The electric motor in the Cadillac ELR Coupe is said to have a range of 35 miles when fully charged, which does not seem like much. But at the same time when the electric motor is depleted, the car will then turn to gasoline which then powers a generator that recharges the generator, further extending its range. Alternatively you could always plug your car in any time if you wish to avoid using gasoline. It will also feature the same Voltec powertrain that is used in the Chevrolet Volt.

Unfortunately that’s pretty much all there is known about the Cadillac ELR Coupe as it is still under development. Price, performance and availability is said to be revealed further down the line, according to its press release, but that did not stop speculation regarding the price of the vehicle.

If you can recall, we reported on the Model S by Tesla, which was an expensive (albeit powerful and efficient) EV that came with a price tag of $57,000. The reports are saying that GM has plans to price the Cadillac ELR Coupe less than the Model S, which is not exactly the most encouraging as it is hard to imagine how much cheaper they could price it, especially if they are comparing it against the Model S.

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