It seems that there is a new game going on right now with each impending release of an iPhone – we are talking about a “Where’s Wally?” style of game, and the upcoming iPhone 5 which is slated for a release this year has certainly undergone such thorough searches by avid tech ninjas, but so far, all of them has been fake – unlike the iPhone 4 prototype which was left at a bar. We have heard of someone seeing the iPhone 5 in France, but after looking at the image closer, it has been declared to be a fake.

It is a highly questionable image, where someone who calls himself ‘Guigsh’ claimed to have laid eyes and even held the iPhone 5 for a couple of minutes within a French operator’s premises. Photoshop veterans claim that this is fake, so we will leave it as that for the moment.

Why can’t Apple just release an image of the iPhone 5 to quell all doubts? Do you think their holding back will actually create more frenzy than expected? After all, even if the iPhone 5 wasn’t spotted at all, there would still be the same amount of people who would go out and purchase it when it arrives, right?

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