Kimmel is a prankster and in the past, we have seen how he and his team have taken to the streets to trick people into thinking that a $20 Casio watch is the Apple Watch (or iWatch as it was referred to back then), or how the iPad mini is the new iPhone 5s. This time he is back and this time, the prank is even more convincing.

As you might have heard, just yesterday Apple launched the iPhone SE. Save for the new rose gold option, on the surface the handset looks pretty much identical to the iPhone 5s, but yet it seems that as part of his prank, he managed to trick people into thinking that the iPhone 5 is the iPhone SE, despite being handed two identical iPhone 5 units.

Given that iPhone 5 lacks Touch ID, we reckon it would have been a dead giveaway, but apparently not everyone noticed. In fact one guy pointed out how the “iPhone SE” felt heavier than the iPhone 5, while another said that the “iPhone SE” had a clearer and sharper screen than the iPhone 5.

Another had even suggested that the battery life was better, although how she could tell from just holding the phone alone baffles us. We suppose not everyone keeps up with the tech news which admittedly makes for some hilarious footage. If you have several minutes to spare, you can check it out in the video above.

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