Small and silent – now the latter is definitely a characteristic of a ghost, unless you’re talking about a poltergeist who wants to make its presence known to everyone else in the room. Stark Aerospace (no relation to the fictional Tony Stark, of course) has developed a 9-pound man-packable UAV known as Ghost, where it was designed for silent urban operations regardless of the time. With a couple of rotary electrical engines, it will work in perfect silence, delivering real-time intelligence to ground forces working, making it useful to be the military’s eyes and ears in cities and towns which hold densely located buildings and other urban cover.

I am quite sure that law enforcement agencies would be able to put the Ghost UAV to good use as well, especially when it is highly customizable with the range of equipment that it is compatible with. You will be able to hook up visible-light cameras and infrared sensors to the Ghost, where all data picked up by its sensors will be sent back to operators in real-time.

With the ability to perform an automatic vertical takeoff and landing, while loitering around for half an hour without missing a beat, you can be sure that Ghost will be an indispensable part of future military operations that also go some way in minimizing the loss of human life on the battlefield. [Press Release]

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