Here is a rather large – and shall I say, expensive, accessory for your GoPro devices, where it will come in the form of the LA100 Flying UAV Drone. Touted to be the first fully autonomous UAV drone aircraft in the world, it has been specially built so that it will fly around (within range of the controls and power of course) the perimeter of your choice, shooting still images as well as recording video footage in High Definition glory via the GoPro action camera system.

The LA100 UAV Flying UAV drone is the brainchild of Lehmann Aviation, where the primary materials used would be carbon fibre and foam, and the entire shebang tips the scales at a relatively lightweight 850 grams. It does not matter if the only kind of piloting background you had was back in the days when X-Wing and TIE Fighter were all the rage on DOS-powered computers. With the LA100 Flying UAV Drone, you will have options to mount the camera on the top wing or bottom wing so that you can use a couple of GoPro’s simultaneously, where it will shrug off harsh environments and diverse climate conditions that range anywhere from -25°C to +60°C, and works equally well in humid or dry air as well as laughing at the face of high wind resistance.

The asking price for the LA100 UAV Flying UAV Drone would probably make your wallet cringe as it is going for $1,338 a pop.

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