Lockheed Martin Works On New Drone That Helps Locate Missing People

Drones are pretty useful tools to have around, especially if you happen to be the military and want to scout a particular area without having to put the lives of your pilots at risk. Apart from that, there are also other interesting ways to make use of a drone – in civilian life, for example. Lockheed Martin, a company that is no stranger when it comes to delivering space-age technology, […]

Iran’s First UAV That Can Engage In Aerial Combat Unveiled

It looks like the arms race has just heated up over in the Middle East, as Iran has just revealed their very first indigenous unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) that comes complete with air defense missiles, making it ideal to get involved in aerial combats as and when required. At the inauguration ceremony, Iran’s Deputy Defense Minister Brigadier General Amir Hatami mentioned that this combat drone has undergone successful operational tests […]

3D Printed UAV Drone Takes To The Skies

It looks like 3D printing is really getting more and more popular, what with a 3D printed electric car being yet another possible viable transportation option down the road. Having said that, a research team that hails from the University of Virginia has come up with a 3D printed UAV drone that will see action over at the Department of Defense. This is a labor of love that has been […]

Regional U.S. Jet Nearly Avoids Collision With RC Plane

While hobbyists have been operating RC planes for quite some time now the idea of unmanned aerial vehicles has only just entered into the mainstream limelight, thanks in part to the plethora of cheap quadricopters that have made it easy for anyone and everyone to own an operate a UAV. The Federal Aviation Authority is mulling over regulations on use of such devices and this particular incident just might get it […]


Sky Sentinel UAV Airship

The Sky Sentinel UAV could be the next eye in the sky.

LA100 Flying UAV Drone

Here is a rather large – and shall I say, expensive, accessory for your GoPro devices, where it will come in the form of the LA100 Flying UAV Drone. Touted to be the first fully autonomous UAV drone aircraft in the world, it has been specially built so that it will fly around (within range of the controls and power of course) the perimeter of your choice, shooting still images […]

LA100 Automatic UAV Shoots Photos From Above

If you are a photographer who is looking to up your game, then you might have been toying around with the idea of capturing images from different angles – and with the help of the LA100 automatic micro UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle), that is not too hard to do. Lehmann Aviation of France is the one behind the LA100 fully automatic UAV which was specially designed to tote around a […]

Silent Falcon solar-powered UAV gets launched

Silent Falcon UAS Technologies officially announced the Silent Falcon solar electric unmanned aerial system (UAS) at the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI) conference in Las Vegas early this week. Silent Falcon is the result of the company’s collaboration with Bye Aerospace to build a small tactical UAS that’s portable for long-range intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance missions. The Silent Falcon uses thin film photo voltaic (TFPV) solar energy collection and […]

Drones for Peace UAV is specifically built for the masses

Contrary to the Vigilus UAV from MBDA that we covered last week, this entirely different UAV is built for peace and will be released to the masses soon. A company called Rotary Robotics is now working on a project called Drones for Peace. The project aims to develop a $100 drone for aerial photography. The prototype drone can reportedly fly with speeds up to 20 to 30 knots. But due […]

Spy Hawk mini glider has a video surveillance system and can fly on autopilot

Flying toys are my favorite pastime ever since I was a brat. So when I got to know more about this cool spy plane, I was drawn to it immediately. It’s called the Spy Hawk, and yes, it’s a toy and a surveillance unmanned aerial vehicle rolled into one. Digging into the details of the Spy Hawk, it’s actually a three-channel mini glide that is equipped with a first-person video […]

MBDA introduces its Vigilus UAV missile system concept

Missile developer and manufacturer MBDA introduced an entirely different UAV missile system concept this week at the 2012 Farnborough International Airshow. It is called Vigilus, and MBDA  hopes to have the system ready and working by 2030. Vigilus is a promising scout missile system that could very well pave the way for future strike weapons. The system hopes to provide UAVs with a close air support capability in the battlefield. […]

Pilotless robot plane smart enough to navigate through bad weather

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) have been doing their bit to help save lives in the military for some time already – where pilotless vehicles ply routes in the air over battlefields in order to scout the enemies’ area as well as make strategic strikes against their high profile targets. Enter this particular futuristic robot plane which is capable of taking off, make a decent landing, and even avoid bad weather […]

AggieAir Flying Circus is a slingshot UAV

Researchers over at the Utah State University have been busy sending slingshot-like UAVs into the air, and the AggieAir Flying Circus is the platform of choice. This is a full-service aerial photography lab which comes in the form of an unmanned drone aircraft, where it will be used to map the environment. There are no runways to construct, as it can be launched via bungee. According to Utah Water Research […]

Lehmann Aviation UAV gets GPS and autopilot

We normally thing that UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) are normally the domain of the military, but Lehmann Aviation (no relation to the failed financial institution, even the name itself has an additional letter) intends to bring UAV flying goodness to families who want to do something different other than flying kites at the park. Enter the LFPV civil UAV, where it retails for $2,352 after conversion (1,790€) while packing in […]