Most Halo fans are probably aware that Bungie has passed on the Halo torch to 343 Industries, and recently at the PAX conference last week, 343 Industries’ creative director, Frank O’Connor let slip some pretty interesting information regarding Halo 4.

Apparently not content with just creating Halo 4, it seems that 343 Industries has plans for a new trilogy, meaning that fans and players of the franchise can expect not just Halo 4, but also Halo 5 and Halo 6, a new trilogy they have called the “Reclaimer”. SPOILER ALERT! For those who follow the Halo 3 story, they may remember it ended with John “Masterchief” Connor entering a cryonic sleep, telling his ship – Cortana – to “wake me, when you need me.”

The new trilogy basically picks up from that point and it deals with the fate of Masterchief and Cortana, and Frank O’Connor also said that players can expect there to be a heavier focus on the story. In the mean time for those who are hungry for more Halo 4 information, pictures, videos, here’s a video of the concept art that was drawn up for the game.

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