I’m not sure what exactly it is about small dogs that seems to attract the wealthy (think Paris Hilton) but it appears that luxury fashion brand, Juicy Couture, has released a set of speakers in the shape of a Yorkie, which will definitely be cheaper than owning an actual dog and it probably does things your dog can’t.

We’ll admit that the speakers are pretty darn cute, and to hear your favorite songs blasting (is that the best way to describe music coming out of a stuffed animal?) out of it is a huge novelty. The paws of the Yorkie depict symbols for volume and power, but since we do not actually own the device we can’t be 100% sure.

It’s probably not a set of speakers for the discerning audiophile but for those who love soft toys or the Juicy Couture brand, the Yorkie iPod speaker should be something worth checking out and will set you back $68.

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