World’s First Digital-Only Clothing Has Sold For $9,500

For some, fashion has remained quite an enigma where there are certain trends and designs that can be questionable. If you don’t really get fashion, then prepare to be even more confused because it seems that the world’s first digital-only clothing has been sold for a whopping $9,500, and no, this is not an in-game item or a cosmetic used in games, but actual fashion.

Louis Vuitton Puts Flexible Displays Into Its Handbags

Flexible displays have a variety of uses, such as in smartphones, smartwatches, or advertisement billboards. However, it seems that luxury fashion house Louis Vuitton might have found a somewhat novel use for flexible screens by embedding them into some of their handbag lineups.

This App Lets You Try Shoes And Walk Around With Them Using AR

The problem with shopping for clothing online is that you never really know how it will look like on you. Sure, you can imagine what it could look like, but imagining it and how it actually looks are two very different things. This is made worse when it comes to buying shoes, some of which can end up being costly mistakes.

Louis Vuitton Tambour Horizon Smartwatch Gets A 2019 Upgrade

When it comes to smartwatches, there are plenty of models available in the market today, ranging from affordable no-frills smartwatches, to those that have clearly been designed for users who have more money to spare and who might care about fashion. Back in 2017 fashion brand Louis Vuitton launched such a device called the Tambour Horizon which has since gotten a 2019 upgrade.


New Coach Apple Watch Bands Released

It is no secret that Apple has always tried to position the Apple Watch as a luxury piece of tech, releasing metal and leather bands that aim to try and bring a touch of class to the device. They have also teamed up with various fashion houses, such as Hermes, who have created even more luxurious straps.

Tommy Hilfiger Launches Lineup Of Smart Clothing

When we think of wearable technology, devices like fitness trackers and smartwatches probably come to mind. However in recent times that has changed as companies are starting to explore smart clothing. Google and Levi’s are such companies who have in the past launched a smart jacket.

Blizzard & Uniqlo’s Clothing Collection Has Launched

Over the years we’ve seen a variety of clothing items created for Blizzard’s games, whether they are officially licensed or created by Blizzard themselves. However it looks like Blizzard is taking its fashion game to the next level as their collaboration with Japanese clothing giant Uniqlo has finally launched.

Totwoo & 360Fashion Network Launch 360 Fash Tech Kit, Helps Designers Make Smart Jewelry

The problem with some of our wearables is the fact that sometimes they stand out and not necessarily in a good way. An example would be Google Glass which looks so futuristic and while it’s not a bad design, it’s hard to be worn daily as society hasn’t really come around to accepting that look.

Coach Unveils New Apple Watch Bands For The Summer

Just like what you’d expect from a fashion brand, Coach has released several different Apple Watch bands sometimes to coincide with the seasons. If you’re looking for a new Apple Watch band that you can wear this summer, you might be interested to learn that Coach has since unveiled some new options for their customers.

Louis Vuitton Echo Is A Tracker For Your Very Expensive Luggage

Louis Vuitton is a company known by many to be a fashion house that sells all kinds of fashion products, such as watches, wallets, handbags, belts, and even luggages that are insanely expensive, at least to the average consumer. However what if you wanted a way to keep track of your expensive Louis Vuitton branded luggage?

Levi’s To Use Lasers To Ethically Make Their Jeans

Thanks to fashion, people these days are buying brand new clothes that have been designed to look like they’ve been worn for at least several years, but hey, that’s fashion for you. However did you know that the process involved in creating that worn-in look is rather labor intensive and involves a bunch of chemicals?

Nokia Creates A Smart Jacket Designed For First Responders

We know that Google is working on smart clothing through Project Jacquard where they partnered with Levi’s for a smart jacket. However Google isn’t alone in pursuing smarter clothing as at MWC 2018, Nokia took the wraps off a smart jacket created in collaboration with South Korean fashion brand Kolon that was designed for first responders.

Nintendo, Bloomingdales Partner For Clothing & Accessories Line

We’re not sure how many of you guys out there want to rock clothing and accessories that are themed around video games, but if you do, you might be interested to learn that Nintendo and Bloomingdales have recently announced a partnership to launch a spring collection for clothing and accessories called “Let’s Play”.

Louis Vuitton Is Reportedly Making Its Own Luggage Tracker

Louis Vuitton might be a brand that most of us might associate with luxury leather products, like handbags, wallets, belts, and so on. However in case you didn’t know, Louis Vuitton also makes their own series of luggages, and now it seems that in order to better protect these luggages, the company is developing its own luggage tracker.