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Chanel Debuts AI Powered App That Can Find Lipstick In Any Shade
If you’ve ever seen a person in an advertisement or on TV or in a photograph wear a lipstick whose shade you like, you’ll be able to find that shade for yourself. This is thanks to Chanel who recently debuted an app called the Lipscanner that uses the power of AI to help find the exact shade in the image.

Nike’s New GO FlyEase Shoes Lets You Wear It Without Using Your Hands
When it comes to shoes, there’s a good chance a lot of times when we buy them, we buy them mostly based on their looks. We probably don’t give too much thought into the tech that goes behind these shoes, but if you were to pickup a pair of Nike’s new GO FlyEase shoes, it might be a very different experience.

YSL Just Launched A $299 Lipstick Pod That Can Create Whatever Shade You Want
Whenever we want to create a custom color, we need to mix and match different colors to arrive at the color and shade that we want. This can be a bit of a tedious process unless you’ve done it before, but fashion house YSL has opted to go down the hi-tech route by announcing the Yves Saint Laurent Beauté Rouge Sur Mesure Powered by Perso (yes, that’s the actual name).

This 3D Printable Material Could Create One-Size-Fits-All Clothing
Unless you’re somehow blessed to have a body that clothing sizes were designed around, there’s a chance that more often than not, an M-size from one retailer might be bigger or smaller or have a different fit compared to another retailer. Also, as we gain or lose weight, it further complicates things when it comes to shopping for clothes.


Amazon Echo Look WIll Be Shutting Down This July
Back in 2017, Amazon expanded on its Echo series of smart devices with something called the Echo Look. This was basically a smart camera of sorts, where users could rely on AI and also crowdsourced information and feedback to determine if what they’re wearing looks good and to seek out advice on what to wear.

Chinese Students Revive Ancient Song Dynasty Fashion To Practice Social Distancing
In the recent months, we’ve come across videos of people coming with creative ways to practice social distancing, such putting on bulky costumes and contraptions that literally make it impossible for people to come within at least 1 meter of their personal space. Now it looks like elementary school students in China are doing the same.

Cactus ‘Leather’ Could Save The Lives Of Billions Of Animals
Leather is typically viewed as a “premium” material where we usually see it used in high-end fashion like wallets and handbags. It has also been used to make accessories for phones, cars, and so on. However, while it does have a nice feel to it, the dark side to leather is that it typically involves the killing and skinning of animals.

Ford Designs A Bike Jacket That Can Display Emojis On The Back
Safety is extremely important for bike riders, especially with the number of bike related accidents that happen every year. Granted, according to the NHTSA, that number seems to be decreasing, but that doesn’t mean that we should stop trying to be safe drivers on the road, and also cyclists should always try to keep themselves protected at all times.

Louis Vuitton Gets Into Gaming With League Of Legends Prestige Skins
Video games and high-end fashion were never really things that seemed like they went well together. However, it seems that the gaming industry is becoming way too big for fashion houses to ignore, so much so that Louis Vuitton will actually be dipping their toes in the competitive gaming world.

Missed That Hot Sneaker Drop? GOAT’s AR Feature Will Let You ‘Try’ Them On
For a lot of us, shoes are meant to be worn and to protect our feet or used for specific purposes like running, hiking, and so on. However, the sneakerhead community has changed the way we look at shoes, where shoes have become a hot commodity where some collect sneakers just for the sake of collection and not to wear.

Google And Levi’s Announce New Project Jacquard Trucker Jackets
As some of you might have heard, over the past few years or so, Google has been working on literal wearable tech in the form of Project Jacquard where it saw them team up with Levi’s. The company has since released a jacket with Project Jacquard technology built into it, although it did not necessarily come cheap.

World’s First Digital-Only Clothing Has Sold For $9,500
For some, fashion has remained quite an enigma where there are certain trends and designs that can be questionable. If you don’t really get fashion, then prepare to be even more confused because it seems that the world’s first digital-only clothing has been sold for a whopping $9,500, and no, this is not an in-game item or a cosmetic used in games, but actual fashion.

Louis Vuitton Puts Flexible Displays Into Its Handbags
Flexible displays have a variety of uses, such as in smartphones, smartwatches, or advertisement billboards. However, it seems that luxury fashion house Louis Vuitton might have found a somewhat novel use for flexible screens by embedding them into some of their handbag lineups.

This App Lets You Try Shoes And Walk Around With Them Using AR
The problem with shopping for clothing online is that you never really know how it will look like on you. Sure, you can imagine what it could look like, but imagining it and how it actually looks are two very different things. This is made worse when it comes to buying shoes, some of which can end up being costly mistakes.

Louis Vuitton Tambour Horizon Smartwatch Gets A 2019 Upgrade
When it comes to smartwatches, there are plenty of models available in the market today, ranging from affordable no-frills smartwatches, to those that have clearly been designed for users who have more money to spare and who might care about fashion. Back in 2017 fashion brand Louis Vuitton launched such a device called the Tambour Horizon which has since gotten a 2019 upgrade.

New Coach Apple Watch Bands Released
It is no secret that Apple has always tried to position the Apple Watch as a luxury piece of tech, releasing metal and leather bands that aim to try and bring a touch of class to the device. They have also teamed up with various fashion houses, such as Hermes, who have created even more luxurious straps.

Tommy Hilfiger Launches Lineup Of Smart Clothing
When we think of wearable technology, devices like fitness trackers and smartwatches probably come to mind. However in recent times that has changed as companies are starting to explore smart clothing. Google and Levi’s are such companies who have in the past launched a smart jacket.

Blizzard & Uniqlo’s Clothing Collection Has Launched
Over the years we’ve seen a variety of clothing items created for Blizzard’s games, whether they are officially licensed or created by Blizzard themselves. However it looks like Blizzard is taking its fashion game to the next level as their collaboration with Japanese clothing giant Uniqlo has finally launched.

Totwoo & 360Fashion Network Launch 360 Fash Tech Kit, Helps Designers Make Smart Jewelry
The problem with some of our wearables is the fact that sometimes they stand out and not necessarily in a good way. An example would be Google Glass which looks so futuristic and while it’s not a bad design, it’s hard to be worn daily as society hasn’t really come around to accepting that look.

Coach Unveils New Apple Watch Bands For The Summer
Just like what you’d expect from a fashion brand, Coach has released several different Apple Watch bands sometimes to coincide with the seasons. If you’re looking for a new Apple Watch band that you can wear this summer, you might be interested to learn that Coach has since unveiled some new options for their customers.