Musician Moby Claims He Helped Invent The iPhone

When it comes to creating something, people are usually inspired by something, such as a book, a movie, something someone said, inspired by nature, and so on. However could it be possible that when the iPhone was invented, musician Moby might have had a hand in its creation?

HomePod Concept Reimagines It With The iPod’s Click Wheel

Apple’s HomePod will be released on the 9th of February, and we’re sure that there are probably some who are wondering if perhaps in the future, Apple could be releasing variants of the HomePod. Given that Google has the Home, Home Mini, and Home Max, and Amazon has a slew of Echo variants, it wouldn’t really come as a surprise.

Apple Predicted To Hit $1 Trillion In Total Revenue From iOS In 2017

Despite Android continuing to control a large portion of the smartphone market, it seems that due to the high margins in Apple’s iOS products together with the number of iPhones and iPads sold over the years, Apple is still making a ton of money. In fact Asymco’s Horace Dediu has predicted (via 9to5Mac) that total revenue made from iOS could hit $1 trillion this year.

Original Unopened First-Gen iPod Spotted On eBay For $200,000

Seeing early iPods pop up on eBay isn’t new, and for the most part the devices are priced around the $20,000 range. However this has changed as it has been spotted that there is an original unopened first-gen iPod on eBay that is currently being priced at a whopping $200,000 for the collectors out there.


Apple’s iPod Turns 15 Years Old Today

With Apple’s iPhones being more than capable of playing music, we guess the need for a separate dedicated music player is becoming less, but who could forget the iPod which is probably one of Apple’s more iconic products. Today also marks the 15th year since Steve Jobs first unveiled the device back in October 23, 2011.

These Devices Will Be Compatible With iOS 10

Are you looking forward to Apple’s next major iOS update? If you are, you’re probably aware that iOS 10’s release is set for tomorrow (if you didn’t know, we guess you do now), and you might also be wondering if your device will be compatible with the update. After all with every update, Apple adds new features that older devices might not be able to handle.

Man Sues Apple For $10bn Alleging iOS Devices Infringed On His Ideas

Apple getting sued from time to time over claims that they infringed upon a patent is pretty normal, and we suppose for a company that huge and resource-rich does make for a pretty tempting target. However it seems that the latest lawsuit could take the cake as a man from Florida by the name of Thomas S. Ross is asking for $10 billion in damages.

These Are The Devices Compatible With iOS 10

iOS 10 was announced earlier today and Apple did introduce a fair number of new features and improvements that they would be making to the operating system. Now if you are eager to get your hands on the software, note that not every iOS device will be compatible, but here’s a list of devices that are.

Vintage iPod Is Currently Going For $20,000 On eBay

For the most part it looks like Apple’s iPod lineup is pretty much dead in the water. There haven’t exactly been many new upgrades or exciting new features, plus with Apple focusing on Apple Music, save for the iPod touch, the rest of the lineup doesn’t really make that much sense anymore.

Apple Demotes iPods To Its Accessory Shelves

Prior to the launch of the iPhone, and for a while after the launch, the iPod was one of Apple’s most popular gadgets. After all you choose to have an iPod that could store all your music, or you could have one small enough to clip onto your shirt while you’re out for a jog. However fast forward to today, it seems that Apple is giving the iPod even less […]

Apple Website Undergoes Slight Revamp, Removes Dedicated Store Tab

If you were to surf on over to Apple’s website right now, you may or may not notice that there have been some changes made to the website. If you’re particularly observant (or if you’ve read our article’s title), you’ll notice that the dedicated link to the online Apple Store has been removed, but fret not because online shopping is still available. It looks like Apple has decided to merge […]

Kids React To Apple’s First Ever iPod

Today we are living in a world where smartphones are able to act as our music players, internet browsers, storage devices, cameras, phones, and more. However back in the day, we would turn to dedicated devices like the iPod just to listen to music. That being said, how would kids react if you were to give them the original iPod? That’s what the folks at the Fine Brothers decided to […]

iPod Refresh Rumored To Take Place Today

Last week there was speculation that new iPods could be introduced this week. In fact a report from yesterday revealed that this was likely given that shipping times for the iPod lineup had started to slip, but when exactly can we expect the new iPods? According to the folks at 9to5Mac, they have heard that the day could be today, the 15th of July. Apart from “confirming” today’s launch, they […]

iPod Shipping Times Start To Slip Ahead Of Rumored Refresh

A rumor from last week suggested that this week, or at least soon, we could expect Apple to refresh their iPod lineup. Is that true? We suppose it’s really anyone’s guess, but in the meantime it seems that there is some evidence to point towards the rumor being true in the form of Apple’s own online store. According to some observations, it has been noted that the iPods listed on […]