Netgear’s NeoTV NTV200 video streamer has decidedly paid a visit to the good people at the FCC – and passing the tests thrown at it with flying colors, to boot. This particular model will be different from the other NeoTV boxes in the sense that its predecessors were not only large but clunky and a pain on your wallet – while the NeoTV NTV200 seems to sport all the opposite characteristics, and is well poised to go up against Roku’s range of diminutive video streamers.

From the FCC filings, we do know that the NTV200 will ship with an HDMI out port, an Ethernet port, Wi-Fi connectivity while sporting a remote control. Playing nice with the NetTV app, you are able to gain control of the NTV200 via iOS or Android smartphones, and no idea just yet on the kind of video streaming services that will be supported on the NTV200.

Netflix and Pandora has thrown their lot with Netgear since one can deduce that through their mention in the device’s installation guide. Now to wait for a pricing and a release date, so stay tuned!

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