You know something? The last thing you will need to run into whenever you are short on time would be to have your gizmos malfunction. Well, the Ritmo Mundo Sliding Puzzle Watch does not do that, but as the name suggests, it isn’t going to be easy telling the time with but a glance. The Ritmo Mundo Sliding Puzzle Watch is more or less your standard sliding puzzle game which most kids would have gotten themselves involved in one time or another, except that this time around, you aren’t spending your afternoons out in the playground any more. No sir, you have a job to slave at, and a family to feed – so why not excuse yourself from the madness of the rat race with this timepiece which requires you to slide the tiles around so that you know the current time?

The puzzle is not all that difficult, and just before you get too frustrated trying to tell the time but failing to solve the puzzle, you can always slide it out of the way. The asking price of $3,500 is just way too high, and with no fragments of dinosaur bones or diamonds on this thing, we’re thinking that it is a gimmick to part a (rich) fool with his money.

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