The photo that you’re seeing above is not the new Bat boat in the 2012 Batman movie, although it was certainly inspired by Batman. It’s actually a speedboat that has been designed by none other than fashion designer, Thierry Mugler. While we can’t speak for the power and the aerodynamics of the boat, from a pure design standpoint, it looks amazing.

If you’re wondering what business does a fashion designer have designing a boat, it seems that he was not working alone. It was a collaborative effort between Thierry Mugler and Spire Boat Builder, which resulted in the Spire Speedboat. The idea behind this boat was to basically combine the elements of safety, competitiveness and aesthetics, all rolled into one. The fashion designer then borrowed ideas from the Batman comics along with power cars from the 1950’s to create the Spire Speedboat, which is fitted with carbon fiber hull and comes with a leather finished interior.

As far as the specs of the boat are concerned, it will be fitted with twin outboard engines that are said to be capable of generating anywhere between 250 to 300 HP of energy , which apparently will make the boat go up to speeds of 126 mph. It is also said to be able to seat 4 passengers including the pilot.

If you’re thinking that this is just another concept boat, you would be wrong as 26 orders of the boat have already been placed and is said to be making its debut at the 2011 Monaco Yacht Show in September.

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