If you’ve ever seen a person in an advertisement or on TV or in a photograph wear a lipstick whose shade you like, you’ll be able to find that shade for yourself. This is thanks to Chanel who recently debuted an app called the Lipscanner that uses the power of AI to help find the exact shade in the image.

Obviously given that the app is made by Chanel, it will try to find the right shade within its own product catalogue and recommend it to you. The company has over 400 products in different shades and finishes, so there is a chance you might be able to find the color that you are looking for.

What’s interesting about Chanel’s app is that they aren’t the first company to try and revolutionize the makeup industry through hi-tech wizardry. Earlier at CES this year, we came across a lipstick by YSL called Perso. This pod-like gadget comes with three different shades within it and through an app, users can create their own custom shade and the device will then mix those colors together to give you the shade that you want.

We’ve also come across apps that use technology like augmented reality to help people find the right pair of glasses that best suits their faces, so while these technologies do feel a bit novel, it’s a good example of how far along we’ve come.

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