Sprint logoIt appears that cloud storage is starting to be all the rage these days, which doesn’t make it a surprise to find out that Sprint has plans to start offering internet cloud services by the end of the year. Given that Sprint has been rumored to be carrying the iPhone 5, which will come with iOS 5 along with iCloud, will Sprint’s cloud service be in direct competition with Apple’s iCloud or will they be targeting a different audience entirely?

Well as it turns out, Sprint “will offer small and medium-size businesses and large corporations ‘hosted collaboration services’ such as software, security applications and Internet hosting.” We’re not exactly sure what this entails as not much details was revealed, apart from the fact that Sprint is looking at providing an on-demand service as opposed to a set license, which will allow companies to spend when they need, and cut back when things are a bit more quiet.

The capacity will taken from Sprint’s own data center unlike Verizon who is tied up with Terremark. No word on if Sprint has plans to open up their cloud services to individual consumers like you and me, but if they did, is that something you would be interested in?

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