As it was shockingly revealed, HP announced that they would be discontinuing their webOS tablets and smartphones. It seems that the reason behind this was that their platform simply could not compete with iOS and Android, thus they had to throw in the towel and minimize their losses. It also appears that the hardware that HP had given its webOS team stopped them from being creative and innovative due to the limitations of its hardware, which was reportedly slow.

Interested in seeing how well webOS would perform with better hardware, it was reported by The Next Web that according to their sources, the webOS team hacked into Apple’s iPad and installed webOS, only to be shocked and demoralized when they discovered that webOS ran twice (or so they claim) as fast compared to the TouchPad.

It also appeared that they attempted to load webOS onto Safari, which produced similar results and performed many times faster than it did on HP’s very own TouchPad. Given that HP was in position to compete with Apple due to their similar nature, i.e. proprietary software and hardware, I guess some things just weren’t meant to be.

Anyway, since we have no way of actually confirming these reports and alleged tests, take what you will from it, but at the end of the day the HP TouchPad did not do as well as the company had hoped and we’re sure that there are many reasons why.

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