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HP TouchPad Android 5.1 Lollipop ROM Works Just Fine
It has nearly been four years since HP launched its ill-fated TouchPad tablet. The tablet came at a time when almost every other manufacturer was trying to develop its iPad-killer but almost all of them failed. TouchPad was a monumental failure and HP had to launch a fire sale just to get rid of the units that it had produced. However the tablet found home with a dedicated community that […]

Android 5.0 Lollipop ROM For HP TouchPad Released
The TouchPad is the webOS-powered tablet that HP released back in 2011. Within a couple of months the company decided to sell all remaining stock through a fire sale because of the TouchPad’s disappointing performance in the market. At $99 HP managed to sell quite a lot of units which users have kept around because its possible to run Android on the TouchPad. Anyone who still has that tablet lying around […]

HP TouchPad Android 4.4.2 Unofficial ROM Available
After acquiring webOS HP released a trio of new products that were based on the platform. Unfortunately none of those products took off. The TouchPad tablet was one of those products and upon seeing that it simply wasn’t going anywhere, HP discontinued it only months after it was launched. To get rid of the stock it initiated a fire sale and unloaded all units for a fraction of the price. Since then […]

HP TouchPad Gets Working Camera In Custom CyanogenMod Releases
It has been a while (a few months, actually) ever since developer Dorregaray rolled out the first custom builds of Android for the HP TouchPad, offering support for the 9.7” tablet’s front-facing camera. This patch has since been incorporated into a range of Android versions for the HP TouchPad, where among them include a custom build of CyanogenMod 10 that is based on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, not to mention […]


CyanogenMod 9 for HP TouchPad gets nightly builds
We have seen the extremely alpha build of CyanogenMod 9 for the now defunct HP TouchPad in January this year, and here is additional news on the progress of the situation. It seems that nightly builds of CyanogenMod 9 Alpha are now available, and you will be able to take advantage of these nightly builds by synchronizing it with the main development branch of CM9 across all devices, making sure […]

HP Touchpad Android kernel source code released
Here is something interesting – HP has just released the now defunct Touchpad’s Android kernel source code to the masses – despite the fact that the 9.7″ tablet arrived at the market last summer with HP webOS 3.0 in tow. This just goes to prove that HP probably mulled over the idea of an Android-powered Touchpad in the past, but probably ditched this thought as they concentrated on webOS 3.0 […]

Pre-alpha MIUI ROM released for the HP TouchPad
Driven by HP’s $99 fire sale of their webOS-based ToucHpad tablets, many hackers and developers have been busy attempting to port over a variety of Android flavors onto the device, most notably CyanogenMod 7. However if CM7 isn’t your thing, the team behind MIUI have been making some progress with their own version of Android for the TouchPad.

HP TouchPad Go spotted on eBay
While you may never ever pick up a HP TouchPad Go from a retail outlet in the near future, that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to get your hands on one ever again. In case you weren’t aware, HP had originally planned to release a smaller version of the HP TouchPad, but cancelled it for some reason. The webOS tablet was nowhere to be seen even though it has […]

TouchPad hacked onto a microwave, lets you watch videos while you wait
Sometimes waiting for your food to microwave could take a while, especially if you use it to defrost, so how about watching some videos while waiting for the microwave to finish? A group of students at the University of Pennsylvania have come up with such a hack for your microwave oven. Called the μWave, it combines an Arduino with a TouchPad that has been taped to the microwave door.

HP TouchPad gets a new Android ROM from Team Xron
If you’re keen on putting Android on your HP TouchPad, you won’t be limited to using only CyanogenMod. A team named Team Xron has put together a new Android custom ROM for the tablet, using a modified version of CyanogenMod. This version of Android from Team Xron features more elements from the original Android Honeycomb as opposed to CyanogenMod.

$99 HP TouchPad officially sold out, but still available from Best Buy
Well, it looks like the availability of the $99 HP TouchPad has come to an end. HP has finally sent out notices saying that it is officially out of TouchPad tablets, so for those of you who didn’t manage to pick one up the second time around, you’re out of luck – at least if you’re looking to purchase it from HP. On the same note, Best Buy has announced that […]

HP TouchPad tests Windows 8
Who would have thought that the now defunct HP TouchPad could actually still see some use – where the HP hardware team has been caught testing the Windows 8 Preview Edition on the HP TouchPad, which has seen its market price plummet to $99 in an effort to get rid of the inventory soonest possible shortly after the announcement of its discontinuation was made. Of course, this will naturally lead […]

Find out how to install CyanogenMod on your TouchPad
When HP bid farewell to webOS, people weren’t too worried about future support for the TouchPad thanks to the strong developer community. One of these groups were in charged with bringing Android over to the HP TouchPad via the famous CyanogenMod custom ROM. Well, they’ve successfully managed to port over an alpha build of the platform over to the TouchPad which is far from fully functional, but still usable though […]

Splashtop Remote Desktop HD: best selling TouchPad app
How many people love using their tablets to control their desktop computers? Apparently, quite a number. Splashtop has just announced that it now has over 20,000 users for its recently released Splashtop Remote Desktop HD for the HP TouchPad. The webOS tablet app that allows users to remotely control their computers as well as access content from it is such a hit that it’s the best selling app for the […]

HP TouchPad hits 1,000 apps, users get more free apps
On the official HP Palm blog today, it was announced that the webOS App Catalog now has a thousand HP TouchPad-optimized apps available (the app store already has thousands of apps, but they aren’t all developed specifically for the tablet). The thousandth app on the App Catalog? Gun Bros, a free to play 3rd person shooter. And just like the company has been doing over the past few weeks, this […]

HP TouchPad Go clears the FCC, HP gearing for launch?
Now we have some potentially good news for folks who didn’t manage to pick up the HP ToucPad after HP decided to slash its price to $99 – there is a chance that you might be able to pick up the TouchPad’s smaller brother – the TouchPad Go. According to reports online, it appears that the 7″ webOS tablet has paid a visit to the office of the FCC and […]

HP releases more TouchPad promo codes for Splashtop Remote Desktop HD
Interested in more free apps for your TouchPad tablet? Good news, especially if you’re looking for a way to control your desktop computer using your tablet. HP is now giving away promo codes for Splashtop Remote Desktop HD, an app which lets you do just that. HP had given away codes to the app previously but it was snapped up within a few hours, and now it looks like it […]

Final batch of HP TouchPads to go to HP employees first
It looks like HP Employees will have something to cheer about – HP has sent out an email to its employees, informing them that they’ll be able to purchase at least one tablet each from the final batch of the company’s discontinued webOS tablet, the TouchPad. Starting September 28th at 9am PT, HP employees will be able to use the EPP (Employee Purchase Program) store to buy the $99 16GB […]

TouchDroid team shows TouchPad on Android 2.3.5 with multitouch
Remember the TouchDroid project that kicked off shortly after HP announced that they will no longer continue support for the webOS platform? Well, shortly after that, a group of developers known as TouchDroid decided to port over the Android operating system to the HP TouchPad, and now we have a video of Android 2.3.5 running on a TouchPad – complete with multitouch capability to boot!The current firmware hacks receive their […]

Android working with HP TouchPad's touchscreen
It’s been awhile since we’ve kept you updated on the progress that the TouchDroid team has been making since they managed to get Android to boot on the HP TouchPad. Well it seems that today, the group has managed to get the touchscreen working on the tablet! Previously they were only able to boot Android on the device but now, so the touchscreen – one of the biggest challenges the […]