If there is a place that I would hate to see the human touch disappear, it would have to be hotels. Many of us, regardless of whether for work or pleasure, check into hotels and do wish for all forms of pleasantries to abound, regardless of the staff position whom we encounter. Minus the human factor, and we’re left with the cold demeanor of robots. Perhaps on the back end of things, robots could help make a hotel be more efficient – case in point, the Yobot robotic baggage drop-off machine that is available at Yotel hotels.

The Yobot will be able to load and store your belongings, where it was developed by Tumi luggage. For those who are unfamiliar with the Yotel name, this is a capsule style hotel chain that boasts locations in London, New York and Amsterdam.

The New York Yotel will offer the Yobot luggage service and premium cabins exclusively, with prices starting from $179 each night. As for airport Yotels in London and Amsterdam, those will remain focused on delivering a comfortable and convenient solution in between flight transfers.

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