I guess Nintendo must be in some sort of creative slump at the moment – after all, their Wii has not received a memorable nor notable game since…er, see, that’s the problem. How about their Nintendo 3DS? It certainly falls behind the shadow of its far more successful predecessor (which actually surprised everyone as before the DS was released, Nintendo was in another slump). Guess Nintendo looked back at their playbook and realized that the age old tactic of releasing aged hardware in a new color might just do the trick.

Hence, the black Wii Fit Plus bundle that is said to be released this coming October 7th, where the package will comprise of a black Balance Board and a copy of Wii Fit Plus. No idea on pricing as at press time, but some have speculated a pre-order price point of £73.85, which is slightly more expensive than what the standard white Balance Board version currently sells for – hovering around the £65 number.

I guess having the Balance Board come in black is not such a bad idea after all – you needn’t worry about it getting dirty, as your eyes can’t tell the difference.

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