YouTube co-founders Steve Chen and Chad Hurley picked up social bookmarking site Delicious some time earlier this April on the cheap when Yahoo! placed it up for sale, and according to the both of them in a New York Times interview, they fully intend to “mainstream the product” in order to tug at the heartstrings of people so that many others will be moved to save as well as tag Web sites.

Now, this suspiciously sounds a whole lot like the old school Delicious, although the newer version will sport a far more updated design that is touted to solve “the information discovery problem”, where it will boast “stacks” – which in essence, are topical collections of content in addition to personalization features. While Chen and Hurley were not big time Delicious users before they purchased it, they still experience some sort of thrill in reviving one of the social Web’s pioneering services – making this more of a labor of love than anything else.

Are you looking forward to Delicious’ relaunch later this year?

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